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Gold Coast Nails

TN Bella Nails and Foot spa

The best place for nails on the Gold Coast.

Ashmore Plaza Centre, Shop 46,
146 Cotlew St,
City: Ashmore, Gold Coast

Walk in – no booking needed.

Professionally trained and qualified manicurists. Open 7 days a week

Pedicure & Manicure Treatments,

Relax while qualified staff pamper you in a hygienic clean salon at Ashmore Plaza near the entrance to Woolworth’s.

Your nails are cleaned, shaped, shined, and renourished. Your hands are gently massaged and moisturized, and nails painted with a colour of your choice using our premium polishes.

A lush foot spa including Peppermint exfoliation is followed by buffing to remove dry skin. Cuticles are trimmed and renourished, and nails are cut and filed into shape.

A luxurious foot massage will leave your feet feeling soft and supple. Finally your nails are painted using premium polishes.


Gold Coast Nails including manicures and pedicures…


Robina Nails and Beauty
Shop 11 Robina Village, Ron Penhaligon Way Robina, Gold Coast,
Services: Nails, Gold Coast manicure and pedicure, Gold coast Beauty, Solarium, microdermabrasion, spray tan
PH: (07) 5593 0099


Gold Coast Nails

Located in Helensvale, Northern Gold Coast, Queensland

Shimmer Body Studio: 0410 074 074

Your nails are an important fashion accessory and it is important to have them looking their best.

When choosing a good salon to perform your nail enhancements, it is important to look for a technician that uses excellent products, allows enough time for the service and is fully qualified. Your Gold Coast nail technicians are the Gold Coast’s gel specialists. Allow us to dispel the myths behind gel and show you the strength and shine that can be achieved with this revolutionary product. We have had amazing results with clients who have previously been problem lifters with acrylic. In addition, the lightness of the gel can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all!

We only use the finest quality products, which ensures that you
always have a fantastic nails.

Hygiene and quality are paramount for us at Gold Coast Nails, therefore all equipment used is sterilized before and after every client. We always reserve sufficient time for each appointment so our clients never feel rushed and can relax a little during their appointment.

relax and let me give your nails the pampering they deserve.


A thin layer of gel or acrylic is applied over the top of your natural nails to give them the appearance and strength of artificial nails but without adding any additional length to your nails. This can be done with either a natural, coloured, or french style. A gel polish may also be applied over the gel or acrylic if desired. Great for clients that play sport or have small children as this option allows you to have a professional finish without having very long nails.


Artificial white tips are glued to the ends of your natural nails to add length. These are then trimmed and filed to your desired shape and length. A sheer acrylic or gel is then applied over the entire nail to complete.

Gold Coast Artificial natural or clear tips are glued to the ends of your natural nails to add length. These are trimmed and filed to your desired shape and length, then blended in such a way that you cannot tell where your nail ends and the tip begins. From here, the possibilities are endless. A sheer overlay for a natural look, white gel or acrylic applied to the free-edge for a French finish, or choose from our wide selection of colours, glitters and nail art. This option is ideal for clients who like to change their look frequently.

Gold Coast nails Infills are usually required on average every 2 to 3 weeks. This can vary between each client, depending on the growth and condition of your nails. As your natural nails grows, a small gap results between your cuticle and the acrylic or gel on your nail bed. Fresh acrylic or gel needs to be applied to close the gap. This gives your nails a beautiful, clean and classy appearance again. If you have chosen a Gel Polish at your previous service, you may choose to change your colour at no extra cost. Infills are an important part of maintaining your nail enhancements to prevent lifting, cracking, or general deterioration.

This process is the similar to a standard infill, however, it involves also infilling the white section of a French set of nails. This needs to be done to ensure that the white section of the nail does not grow out and will keep your French nails looking natural and fresh. Again, this is recommended to be done every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the growth of your nails. It will also help to prevent lifting, cracking and general deterioration of your nail enhancements.

The same process as the Permanent French Rebalance, however in this instance it involves infilling the coloured or glitter free-edge applied at your previous service. At this time you may choose to change the entire colour or glitter at no extra cost.

This involves the removal of all acrylic or gel product from your natural nails by soaking or gently filing it away. This service is then finished with a relaxing mini manicure and either a buff and shine for a natural look, or a polish in the colour of your choice.

Great for a natural, Gold Coast nails manicured appearance! This service involves filing and shaping your nails, then buffing to a high shine, or applying a coat of polish in your favourite colour.

Nail art can be simple and subtle or bright and bold. It can involve anything from applying some simple rhinestones or an elaborate pattern to your nails. There are many different techniques that can be used depending on the desired outcome. Fun for a special occasion or just to try something a little different!